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     If you plan speakers or workshops for your guild, both Gay and Pati are experienced quilt teachers in Central Ohio. 

      We have a great collection of quilts and their stories to share with guilds.  Workshops have a minimum of 5 and maximum of 25.  Lectures are limited to room capacity.  Expenses for out of town travel are charged based on distance and, if necessary, lodging and meals.

      These listings are some of the classes or topics that are currently available but we are always open to ideas.  Scheduling us for your group is just a phone call away.



Lectures & Entertainment

Program Name



OOPS!#?  Now What?

(Pati) ~  Goofs?  Spills?  Snips?  Don’t throw it out!  Here’s another mini lecture and interactive session to help solve your mishaps.


Be a TWIT*

(Pati) ~  You are asking, “What’s a TWIT?”  It is not the teenage insult any more.  Here TWIT stands for Traditional With Interesting Twist.  So if you like the quilts you grew up with but want something different, this is the lecture for you.





Workshop Name


Quilt Patis Workshops

(Pati) ~  Technique for the basics of Quilt Patis  plastic foundations. Some students already have Quilt Patis™, therefore I have priced this class with and without supplying one package as a part of the workshop. (2-3 hours)

without Quilt Patis— $20.00/person

                                                   with 1 Quilt Patis pkg.— $40.00/person

Quilt Patis & Tec~Spec Workshop

(Pati) ~  Your choice of any one of the Tec~Specs that use the Quilt Patis plastic foundations.  These classes include the Tec~Spec being taught.  Since many already have their own Quilt Patis™ they will be avaliable for sale but not included.  (2-4 hours)


QP Little Bag


(Pati) ~ Make your own QP Little Bag as designed by Pati herself. Includes the Tec~Spec for QP Little Bag pattern. You will need to bring your own Quilt Patis plastic foundations or purchase them separately at class. The size of the little bag will be determined by the size of your Quilt Patis. (4 hours)


Pati Butterfly Pincushion Pin


(Pati) ~  Make your own Butterfly Pincushion Pin as designed by Pati herself.  Includes the Tec~Spec for Pati Butterfly Pincushion Pin Kit. (4 hours)



Please get in touch to offer comments and join our e-mailing list.


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