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     We make our original products with great pride and high quality standards.  We maintain a hands-on operation, something not always found with imitations.  For the original products offered on this web catalog:

 We will always be the original.

We are still the best!

      We have been quilting well before opening our quilt shop in June of 1979.  Through teaching quilting we noticed today’s lifestyles need easier and faster techniques.  This is what lead to the development of most of your products.  Our products help you work smarter, not harder.  Quality products give the quilters easier and more enjoyable quilting time.

     It is our goal to be true to our quilting heritage.  We love the traditional patterns with a twist.  We are continually working on patterns of the past and patterns uniquely inspired by the world around us.

     Our promise to you is to continue to make available new creations.

                                                                          Keep the “Piece”

                                                                          Pati Shambaugh & Gay Dell


Our History


     June 1979 Gay Dell opened her quilt shop. Beginning in 1986 Gay started inventing quilting hoops. That business was called Helyn’s Hoops.  In 1993 her daughter, Pati Shambaugh, became owner of Picking Up The Pieces. Still known as a treasure trove of creative quilting products. Today Helyn’s Hoops is part of Picking Up The Pieces. Together, Gay & Pati have invented unique quilting tools and provided quilters’ needs for over 26 years.

     Picking Up The Pieces’ charm starts with the Victorian storefront in Columbus, Ohio’s historic German Village. The 1882 red brick building has continuously been a shop since 1892. The entrance has the original colorful glass bottoms of German wine bottles over the door & windows (seen best from the inside). 

     January 2006 officially brought a new change. The shop became a home studio. Pati is the artist in residence. This allows more teaching and developing new products.

     October 2014 brought a new move. I have downsized into a condo as my home studio. The shop building was sold to someone who is better able to update it to 2000's code standards while restoring it to it's full 1880's glory in accordance with the German Village Society's standards.


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Picking Up The Pieces

Home of The Original Quilt Patis

2015 Burwell Dr.

Columbus OH 43209 USA

Phone:  614-443-9988

Cell:  614-204-5365


Please call to place your order

for the protection of your personal information. 

Thank you.


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For USA customers mailing in orders with a check, please make the checks out to: Pati Shambaugh.