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Tec~Spec Patterns


TS~DB          Tec~Spec for Double Blooms

Instructions for the 3-D petals. Adds pizzazz to any Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt.  Works with any size Quilt Patis.

$ 6.00


TS~Pin          Tec~Spec for Pati Pincushions

Five pincushion variations that can be made with Quilt Patis™.

$ 6.00


TS~Pouch          Tec~Spec for Pati Pouch

Instructions for a handy pouch to carry Quilt Patis, needles, threads and small scissors anywhere.

$ 8.00


TS~Bag          Tec~Spec for QP Little Bags

This pattern creates a great change purse, cosmetic bag, or necklace.  The size is determined by the size Quilt Patisyou choose to use.

$ 8.00


TS~BB&H          Tec~Spec for Bitty Basket & Hexagons Wall Hanging

This pattern can be made with one package of the ” hexagon Quilt Patis™.  The finished size is 17” x 18”.



TS~Cobble          Tec~Spec for Cobblestone Garden Wall Hanging

This pattern is made with the ” hexagon Quilt Patis.  Includes a chart for additional bed size quilts.



TS~BflyKit          Tec~Spec for Pati Butterfly Pincushion Pin Kit

The Quilt Patis™ that are needed to complete the butterfly are included with full instructions for hand stitching what will be your favorite tool/jewelry.  Great for handwork while traveling or to give as gifts.  Uses scraps beautifully for this functional jewlery designed by Pati Shambaugh.  I always get complimented on the butterfly that I'm wearing. Make several so you can accent your outfit of the day.


Shipping & Handling in USA:

Patterns & QP~Plastic (sold without Quilt Patis™ packages) $ 1.50 ea.

This may change any time the USPS changes their rates.


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