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Pati's Patter 

Thursday, December 3, 2009
I am so excited for the coming Christmas season. My family have a lot to be greatful for this year.  Saturday before Thanksgiving my mother had a very bad car accident. She was wearing her seatbelt.  This saved her life.  The car was totaled.  Mom looked like she lost a boxing match with all the brusing to her face.  The CT Scan told us NO brain injuries, NO spinal injuries and NO broken bones.  There were 12 stitches to the gash over her left eye which swole shut and looked like a purple tennis ball.  She is healing very nicely.
With all of the waiting for her at the doctor and driving her to other errands, I am coming up with new ideas for patterns.  I have been taking Quilt Patis everywhere and getting samples made.  Now comes the task of writing it all down into patterns.  Keep watching here for them when they are done.  ETA will be about March.
Hugs & Pieces,


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