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See Videos using Quilt Patis
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Grandmother's Star Flower Garden variation (19:07) 
Texas Star Quilt with Quilt Patis (9:57)  
How To Finish My Quilt Pati Quilt (28:08) 
Getting To Know: Gay Dell (14:48)  
Getting To Know: Pati Shambaugh (18:20) 
Pati's Quilt Pati Little Bags (22:31)
Quilt With Hexagons (3:56) 
More Fabric For Your Buck (1:29) 
Be A TWIT* (Traditional With Interesting Twist) (2:22) 
Let Your Camera Be Your Friend (
Why Can't I Do That?  (2:30)
The Ultimate Quilter's Gift (1:57) 
Wine Glass Coasters (3:51)
It has come to my attention that some of these links have changed.  I have removed the bad ones and I am updating them as they become available to me. I am sorry for any inconvenience to my fellow quilters.

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Picking Up The Pieces

Home of The Original Quilt Patis

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