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Creator of the Quilt Patis
Pati Shambaugh

Creator of the Cinch Hoop & border hoop
Gay Dell

Welcome to our web site!

Many of you are already familiar with our wonderful, unique products like the original "Quilt Patis", the original border hoop and the patented "Cinch Hoop".  This is their home and I hope you find us a nice place to visit.

We are excited that you are visiting our web site. We sell unique original products invented by the team of Gay Dell (mother) and Pati Shambaugh (daughter).  From time to time we may offer related items like fabric scrap bags, fat quarter selections by color or style, or sometimes some items made by Pati herself.  You might even see quilts and quilt tops for sale.  It will always be a surprise.  Please visit often.


I am still learning about building the website.  Unfortunately, until I am confident of the security of the available online shopping carts, I will not risk any of my customers' personal information to identity theft.  Therefore, I request that you call, fax or snail-mail your order(s). I hope this is not too much an inconvenience.



On June 27, 2016 Gay had a stroke. It has been a tough time with her care since. She is doing much better but will not be able to drive until at least the end of October. The home health care that Medicare/Medicaid will cover takes up to 8 weeks. Please bear with us when ordering. I will get the orders out as quickly as I can but it may take a little longer than normal. Thank you for all of your prayers and your patience.

Our mascots
Kip Starbutz & Katy Rose


Please get in touch to offer comments and join our e-mailing list.


Picking Up The Pieces

Home of The Original Quilt Patis

2015 Burwell Dr. C

Columbus OH 43209 USA

Phone:  614-443-9988

Fax:  614-443-9798


Please call or fax your order

for the protection of your personal information. 

Thank you.


Ask About Wholesale & International Order Policies


For USA customers mailing in orders with a check, please make the checks out to: Pati Shambaugh.